In a bid to consolidate on our status as one of New York City’s foremost general contractors, 1st Class Contracting of NY’s approach to exterior residential and commercial construction & remodeling is modeled on the principle of doing things properly first-time around.

While the vast majority of re-modelers and builders employ an approach that is mostly focused on appearance over quality in exterior finishes, we understand that aesthetic appeal is best preserved when supported by a strong base of quality construction. While most customers themselves are also focused mainly on the subsequent aesthetic appeal of their finished construction or re-modeling project, in order for the maximum amount of value to be extracted out of the end-product, the final structure has to be durable enough to last long.

As market-leaders in the New York City general contractor’s field of operation, 1st Class Contracting of NY’s exterior services are characterized by a customer-focused view and in this way we offer a range of exterior construction and re-modeling services that cover the entire scope of both residential and commercial projects. Whether it is a professionally done pool deck you seek for your family home, or indeed if you require to have a roof-top deck added to your business, 1st Class Contracting of NY has the right solution for you.

While we have a selection of previously established exterior service categories available to all our prospective clients, including brownstone renovation, log homes, exterior renovation, masonry (concrete), stone stoops & stucco, as well as roofing, we have a full bearing on the fact that no two exterior construction jobs are exactly the same. This is why we encourage any prospective home or business clients to contact us for any exterior contractual work they may need done, as we are more than happy to map out a way forward and complete any custom job. Don’t hesitate to ask about special, customized projects such as outdoor wooden decks, composite decks, stairs, porches, railings, block walls, patio covers, fencing, stamped concrete, garage doors, security doors, exterior painting or absolutely anything else which has to do with exterior construction or remodeling work.

As is the case with interior work and overall contractual services offered, 1st Class Contracting of NY’s extensive knowledge, qualifications, expertise and innovation are all traits which have placed us in a firm position to take on exterior contract services that we’re a part of from the get-go, as well as those which we complete as part of a remodeling mandate or build-out. We also fully understand the cost implications involved with delivering quality exterior contracted services in New York City and surrounding areas and can therefore apply our ground-level experience to all jobs in order to minimize these associated costs while maintaining high levels of lasting quality.

As a big part of 1st Class Contracting of NY’s unique quality offering, experience has taught us that when it comes to exterior construction or remodeling work, elements such as the New York City weather have to be taken into account, as the exterior is indeed where your home or business meets the effects of the weather. Even in the case of our exteriors-geared custom woodwork & mill work, suitable provision is made to produce work that can withstand the elements and preserve the functionality and visual appeal of your exteriors. This is achieved through some of our specialized sub-services, which form part of our exterior services, including deck waterproofing, mold prevention and exterior restoration, among many others which are tailored to each unique project accordingly.

Our general contractor license, which is valid across many New York City and surrounding areas, covers both the commercial and residential markets, which means we can extend our specialized exterior services to projects such as shopping malls, residential family homes, apartments, business units, etc.


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